dear residents

date: 10-09-2019


Dear residents,
We have now completed the assessment that I convened with the emergency officials in the municipality and the Home Front Command.
I also spoke to the Home Front Command's Chief Commander and, according to the information we now have, we will continue regular routine .There will also be an open market.
You will be notified of any changes.
Please discover vigilance and follow the publications on the municipality's website and on Facebook.
106 is at your disposal
Wish you all a good and quiet night,
Yechiel -


Dear residents, in accordance with the redistribution to the areas of the Home Front Command, an alarm was heard only in District A.

We refresh the division into areas: 1- quarters Alef, Beit, Dalet and Hei
2- Gimel Vav , Zain . 3 yud beth, yud aleph, Tet vav, Yud Zain, City, Maar and Marina.
4- Het, Tet, Yud, Yud Gimel, Yud Dalet, Tet Zain
  Another area is the northern part of the city which includes the entire industrial area will be called Ashdod Industry.

We urge the public to obey the instructions and be in a protected space during a 10 minute alarm.