Residents of Ashdod

date: 17-03-2020


You must be aware of the new guidelines, from the last day, I would like to conclude as follows:
The Prime Minister has declared a transition to a national emergency. With new rules of behavior to stop the spread of the corona virus.
I am attaching a link to the instructions.
Please read them carefully, and be sure to have them, along with your family and relatives.
Note that you can leave the house only in situations that require it - such as purchasing food or medication.
Do not leave the house for parks, the beach, and other public areas. The accommodation of friends and family, who do not live in the home, should be avoided, and there should be no ban on classes of any kind, culture or sport, even with a minimum number of participants.
Dear residents,
At this time, before losing control of the spread of the virus, and the deterioration of thousands of patients and deaths, as has happened in other countries, we must adhere to proper behavior, according to the Ministry of Health guidelines. And more importantly, be united in this fight. Take care of each other in this difficult battle for health and life. Common to all of us.
As I reported to you, the city of Ashdod has been preparing for this situation as early as this week, and we are starting an emergency plan tomorrow to provide you with all the essential services, and in full.
Call Center 106 is ready to answer and assist you on any topic.
And so you don't get bored at home, we have prepared an outstanding plan for you.
We have built a broadcast studio in the City Hall. From it we broadcast a variety of programs to you every day: music, sessions for children, young people, and the whole family, Zumba, yoga, and especially for Teicher and Zarowitz,
As we all know, we here in Ashdod make major efforts to do everything in a high level - we will collaborate with local artists and leading artists in Israeli culture!
Tomorrow at 9:30am we will begin with Uncle Haim and Roy Boy, and then there will be our Ashdod Golden Wave, and in the evening Yuval Dayan Rotem and Yoram Suissa.
With all the difficulty we are experiencing during this time, it will be fun too.
So, let's join hands, in a virtual way of course, we will take care of each other, and remember again, especially the older ones, our elder generation-our grandparents- the generation that founded the city of Ashdod, who currently are at risk upon their safety every day, take care of them for good health, food and medicine if needed, listen to them and disperse their loneliness. Remember that we must keep a physical distance from them, and protect their lives.

Health Notice