Health Notice

date: 20-03-2020



Dear residents, you are now invited to download "The Shield," a Health Ministry app that lets you know if you were near Corona patients.

The app intersects the location history of your device with the updated health location data of the Ministry of Health.

The shield is available in five languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian and Amharic.



Text of the new Health Ministry instructions to Israelis on curbing coronavirus
The following are the new Health Ministry instructions:

1. Do not leave the home except when absolutely necessary (for work, in accordance with the restrictions set out below and in accordance with separately published regulations regarding purchase of groceries and medicines, medical services and other essential services).

2. Do not leave the home to go to parks, playgrounds, the beach, pool, libraries, museums, nature reserves and parks or other public spaces, except with children in a family framework or with a pet (by yourself).

3. Do not hold classes and extracurricular activities, not even with a minimum number of participants, including sports classes and gyms. This regulation applies to both private and public classes and extracurricular activities. Sporting activities may be held in a group of up to 5 people on condition that a distance of two meters is maintained between them.

4. Social connections should be maintained by remote communication. Avoid hosting friends and family who do not reside in your home.

5. Guidelines for at-risk populations — The elderly and people of any age with severe chronic diseases; long-term respiratory illnesses including asthma; autoimmune diseases; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; immune system disorders and conditions; malignant illnesses should all avoid leaving their homes as far as is possible and hosting people at home, except for essential services. Seek assistance from friends and family to bring supplies.

6. Reducing the need to leave home by employing the following tools:

A. Remote work, video calls and conferencing

B. Every employer must make sure a distance of two-meters between employees is maintained and ensure personal and environmental hygiene rules are also maintained.

C. Delivery services — only as far as the doorstep

D. Dental care — It is recommended to postpone all treatments and perform only absolutely necessary and emergency treatments.

Credit Dr Mickael Wolf

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