The government announced emergency regulations

Last night, the Israeli government approved broad emergency regulations and, in addition to restrictions on leaving the home, public transportation will be stopped and in the workplace heat checks will be carried out for workers. The regulations will take effect at 17:00 !!!

date: 25-03-2020


After a lengthy hearing that ended in the morning, the government decided to tighten restrictions and prohibit being in the public domain, with the exception of the exceptions provided for in the order.

The new regulations prohibit leaving the house, except in the following cases:

- Exit from home - Allow for a short time up to 100 meters from home.
- Shopping and medical treatment - Allows you to go out to buy food, medicines, receive urgent medical treatment and legal proceedings.
- Stores - all other stores, malls and markets, are closed.
- Events - Attending a wedding, covenant, prayer or funeral will only be allowed in an open space, no more than 10 people and within 2 meters of each other.
- Going to work - will only be allowed in workplaces that have been approved Employers will post a heat test stand. An employee who is found with a temperature of 38 degrees or higher will be required to go into isolation and notify the Ministry of Health.
- Transportation - will be discontinued, except for transport services for those who are allowed to leave home. Taxis continue to operate normally, but only one passenger is allowed to travel in the back seat, and with windows open.
- Employers - will be able to arrange trips for employees in accordance with the Health Ministry's guidelines and only for their employees.
- Food delivey- You will be allowed to operate food delivery services and essential home maintenance services.
- Synagogues - Closed!
- Mikvah - Women only! Up to 5 women in the mikvah.
- Sports - Do not leave home for sports activities.
- Divorced parents - transfer of a minor from parent to parent.
- Veterinary - Urgent services and animal feed deliveries will continue to operate.

Pay attention:

Enforcement - According to the government's decision, enforcement will be significantly increased and punitive measures will be taken against the violators. Those who leave their home for a purpose that does not appear in the new regulations will be sentenced to six months imprisonment or a fine of NIS 500. The punishment measures still require the Attorney General's approval and the two-day organization time for the employers.

It is important to add that the police have already issued fines of 5000 NIS for insulators breakers.

The regulations will take effect from today in the evening, at 17:00, for 7 days.

Highlights following field inquiries:

1. There is no prohibition on going to work. People who are on their way to work should not be required to show pass permits or prevent them from coming to work.
2. Demonstrations may be held-no more than 10 persons and within 2 meters of each other.
3. As for now, weddings, funerals or circumcisions can be attended by up to 10 people.
4. Garages, carpenters, panchairs are allowed to open - subject to gathering up to 10 people.
5. Cleaners and gardeners can reach homes.
6. Kiosks ( Pizuzia) are considered a food-selling business and can be open.
7. Repair of cellular devices will be done only with couriers.

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